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Building a Chicken Coop Pt. 6 – Installing Insulation and Vapor Barrier + Sheathing Interior Walls – Bio-Garten

Using fiberglass batt insulation and a poly vapor barrier to insulate the walls of the chicken coop. I then used OSB to sheath the interior walls of the structure. The chicken coop is just about ready to house my 20 happy hens, stay tuned!

17-year-old finishes high school and moves to live alone with his dog in the Canadian Wilderness. I had no real interest in pursuing a specific career path, and the stress and pressure of deciding what I was going to do was driving me crazy. I then realized that there was nothing stopping me from pursuing my dream life living off the grid in a self-reliant lifestyle. I headed to the north woods and began building a small cabin/tiny house. I plan to power the entire homestead with renewable energy, specifically solar power. As for water supply, I plan on a rainwater collection system in the summer months, and will retrieve water from the lake in the winter. The off the grid cabin will be heated with a wood stove that I will also use to cook on. Outdoor living in so incredibly peaceful as you are so in touch with nature. Eating natural foods and wild game provided from the land and simple, responsible living is good for the soul. I have chickens that will soon be producing eggs as a constant food source, and living next to a remote lake I also have northern pike as a constant food source. In the future I will be planting a garden and growing organic food! Join me and my dog, Cougar as we live off the land in the remote North. We are working on building an off the grid homestead to develop a life free from social and economic stress. The entire progression and development of the off the grid homestead will be featured on the channel. We will also feature content on bush craft, survival, outdoor living, primitive technology, outdoor cooking, fishing, hunting, and trapping as well. Thank you for watching Traplines and Inlines!

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